SSIS Performance Enhancement- Remove Sort Column Additional Steps

Writing again after a long time, today while working on a SSIS package i came across a situation where i have a Type2 Dimension and i was getting duplicates rows to the table the only difference was BUsiness Key column was behaving as a case sensitive column i.e. if any row on source was found to change in case the code was treating this business Key as a new row and inserting whereas i needed it to ignore case.

Now here is the reason why it was happening and the resolution,

Cause: I was using the best practices for my Merge Join on the package wherein i have removed the SORT column and to achieve the same i was ordering it on my SOurce Trasnform and marking the ISSorted property and sorting the dataset from source. For details on what i mean read this

My Data Flow


My SQL server is case insensitive, and SSIS takes by Default windows Sorting, so i was getting the case sensitive row as a new row as the key column changed from ABC to abc,

So to get this resolved what we have to do is set the, comparison Flag property to IGnore case and this would lead to ignore of case for the Key column, as per my DFT above this would have to done on both the source transform, such that setting is identical on both of them


The link helped me resolve it:


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